Every child takes part in an activity aimed at improving communication skills. These activities start with the basic skills of speaking and listening and move on to learning the phonetic skills they need to learn to read and write. These activities happen in our Rock Pool room which is a quieter space within the nursery. They are around 10 minutes and focus on the children's individual learning needs. We use several different resources to help deliver these activities including B.L.A.S.T which is a targeted programme to support children who may need more help to develop their communication skills. 

Thrive is an emotional wellbeing programme which helps children to thrive emotionally. We use the programme to assess all children's emotional wellbeing and then tailor the activities to support them. They involve things such as using a puppet 'Caption Thinking' to help them explore how they should deal with different emotions that arise during daily life.

Funky Fingers is our fine motor development activity which we run to support children's pre-writing skills. We run activities which allow children to develop their muscle groups that will aid them in the writing process. From sweeping up balls outside to develop the large shoulder muscles to using tweezers to pick up tiny seeds to get those fingers ready to hold a pen. Children are grouped according to their pencil grip and writing skill needs.

Key Worker Time is a time during each session where the children get time to meet with their key worker. During this time the key workers run activities such as 'Show and Tell' and 'WOW bags' which give children the opportunity to get to know both their key group and their key worker. 

Snack Cafe is open for an hour during each session. The children are encouraged to access the Cafe independently and they are given a variety of fruit and vegetables to choose from. There is also milk and water for the children to independently access. 

Free Flow Play is a time when children are given time time to flow freely around the inside and outside environment. The environment is set up with activities and resources which have been planned and selected based upon the individual needs of the children. The staff move around the environment with the children extending and developing their play based upon the children individual next learning steps.

Breakfast cafe is open 8am till 9am and is accessed independently by the children. There is a variety of breakfast foods such as toast, cereal, fruit and yoghurt.

Lunch is served at 12.15 and is served family style. The children sit in small groups and the staff help them.

Tea is served at 4pm and is served family style. The children sit in small groups and self serve the food and are encouraged to try a variety of food.