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Feeding tummies and minds…

We form strong relationships when we do simple things together such as eating daily meals.
At Peekaboo we believe in the power of eating together and all our meals are shared as a family.

Meals we provide


A variety of cereals, toast, yoghurt and fruit


Fruit, vegetables, crackers, toast, cheese, breadsticks and much more…even smoothies


An afternoon tea served late afternoon. We offer a home cooked, hot vegan meal at tea time. These meals are prepared on site and are cooked from fresh whole ingredients.



We ask parents to provide a packed lunch.

What can be in a packed lunch

Pasta, sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit, yoghurt, vegetables, rice, crisps… the list goes on and on.

What cannot be in a packed lunch


Bottles and Formula milk

We ask that parents provide both bottles and formula milk for their child while at nursery. We can also store expressed breast milk.


We provide drinks of milk or water at all meal times. Water is available at all times in the day.


We can accommodate and cater for allergies and will create a personal health plan for any children with allergies

Healthy Teeth

We promote dental hygiene in the following ways:


  • Providing only milk or water to drink and no sugary fruit juices
  • Providing healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables
  • Limiting use of dummies and teats after the age of 1 years old
  • Providing resources and activities for the children to help teach them about dental hygiene

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