Our Environment

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Playful, engaging and full of possibilities!

Our nursery environment is designed with play and learning at the heart of all decisions. We have created a space that allows children to become immersed in play, feel safe and create memories for life.


At Peekaboo Childcare, we teach skills for life through experience and play. We believe parents are the expert when it comes to their child’s learning and we’d love to support you and your child on their learning journey.

We offer children a world of possibilities including:

  • Indoor and outdoor play

  • Sandpits inside and out

  • Water play inside and out

  • Real life experiences and objects

  • Sensory play experiences

  • Creative opportunities using resources such as paints

  • Play dough stations for malleable play opportunities

  • Gardening experiences in our planting areas

  • Large motor opportunities

  • Storytelling and a world of books

  • Puppets of all shapes and sizes

  • Role play equipment for a variety of different experiences

  • Science experiments

  • Construction of all shapes and sizes

  • Musical instruments

The list could go on and on…

Key Groups and Group Sizes

Our nursery is arranged over 2 floors and into 4 different ‘Key Groups’
  • Babies aged 9 to 24 months.
  • On the first floor of the nursery
  • A maximum of 9 babies a day in the room
  • 3 babies to every 1 adult
  • Toddlers aged 24 – 36 months.
  • On the ground floor of the nursery
  • A maximum of 12 toddlers a day in the group
  • 4 toddlers to every 1 adult
  • Preschoolers aged 3 – 4 years.
  • On the ground floor of the nursery
  • A maximum of 24 preschoolers a day in the room
  • 8 preschoolers to every 1 adult

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